I believe the head, excluding the eye is now done. (mostly) If I keep fiddling with it I will literally never finish this thing though haha. Next up, the eye, the mane, and finally the halter!
I know this is only my third portrait so I’m still getting the hang of it, but this one has seriously been a test of patience hahah.

Beezie Madden and Coral Reef Via Volo - 2014 $125,000 Trump Invitational Grand Prix


giant flying muffin

Why haven’t I seen this on my dash yet?Edward Gal & GLOCK’s Toto Jr.!I think they’re gonna be amazing.
Picture © Arnd Bronkhorst Photography
Christmas/Fall Commissions

If anyone is interested in ordering portraits as Christmas presents or for October/November/December birthdays, I would recommend contacting me within the next month!
I don’t know how crazy school will be and I don’t think I could guarantee that they would be finished in time if they were ordered any later than the end of September. (I would hope they would be done, I just can’t guarantee it, all depends on if I have orders, etc. You also need time to get it printed if that is something you are interested in.) If you may be interested but aren’t sure yet, feel free to shoot me a message and let me know. (:

Portraits start at $125 for an 8x10.
I can be contacted through tumblr or at mcevoy.graphics@gmail.com.
Thank you!


Thrusters Engaged by JAGfotos

Don Auriello (Don Davidoff x White Star)

Catherine Tyree and Sandor De La Pomme, NAJYRC 2014.
Source: The Chronicle

1.40 meter Open Jumpers at the Kentucky Summer Classic

Source: Elena Lusenti
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