It has been a productive evening! I’ll upload better versions tomorrow. (:


I mean, I guess my horse is kind of cute and my barn is kind of pretty
so if anyone wants to give one of my other blogs some love I highly recommend this one! (hah its my only other semi active blog oops) I’m working on really getting it active now and it would definitely appreciate some followers. <3




a little in love with Quimbo and his all-blackness

He’s going to Rolex again this year!

I’ll be watching for the sole purpose of seeing him. I’d kill to have him in my barn.

I love how relaxed the rider is. “Nbd guys we got this.”

Feel free to sit atop the dangerous animal, but please do not put yourself beneath it.

I’m actually really happy to see how Winnie looks in that last photo. It was taken pretty close to the start of our ride, and she wasn’t very energetic or very happy about being warmed up in the bottom half of the arena (essentially on a large circle) because there were people lessoning in the top half and they were kinda here there and everywhere. Yet, she was still pushing forward and using her back well.

warming up
© squeaky-bits
Looking like a donkey, whats new?
I was going to edit pictures and I rediscovered this beauty…..

Charlotte Dujardin and ValegroPhoto by Jacques Toffi

Caliber and Hayley Barnhill

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